The Lost [EP]

by The Beautiful Monument

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West Watch In your face but crystal vocals for the most part, the Beautiful Moment delivers a stunning debut album that is two parts metal and one part punk. Favorite track: Nemesis.
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Recorded at Secret Studios, Hastings VIC, Australia.

Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Evan Lee and Ash Daws

All songs written by The Beautiful Monument

Lead vocals written and performed by Lizi Blanco


released June 26, 2015



all rights reserved


The Beautiful Monument Melbourne, Australia

"Very rarely does one come across a band that hits as heavy and magnificently as the Beautiful Monument. Boasting an arsenal of genuinely memorable songs and strong, energetic stage presence, these ladies are ready to take on the world with the release of their latest track, “Disorder.”” - Alternative Press ... more

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Track Name: Nemesis
I‘ve got your blood on my hands
They all blame me, but that’s just the way it is
I caught you, you were off guard
If you let me fight, I’ll fight hard …
To watch you burn

Just wipe that guilt off your lips
Every word to come out your mouth reeks of bullshit
Karma will watch you burn
That’s what you get when you try fuck with me first

You wish you had my looks
I wished you’d had some charm
But now you’ve gone away
My zombie love

Don’t look back
Shout never
This bullet’s out of reach for you
Sick of your, sick of your bullshit
I collect gold every time you lie
Funny that, I was rich before you died

One bite can kill, so they say
Be afraid of the living cos they’re sure to kill you one day
And I saw right through all your words
I got to head shot you first
Fuck it!
You know I’m sick

Pull it to-, pull it together
I collect gold every time you lie
I detect secrets are brewing
I became rich before you died
Save me please save me my mistress
How could you leave me here to die?
Funny that, funny that darling
This all started with a…
This all started with a lie
Track Name: The Loved Ones
You, you’ve really got me spinning
Yeah you, I’m dying to cave in
So take my hand and lets go to another room
Just me and you

Nothing can stop me
I’m trying to configure
Straight through the head you’ve got me thinking loud, shake it out
[YOU] Right where you’ve got me
[GOT] I’m filling the silence
[ME] With your fatal luck
What the fuck

Your flesh it dangles from my lips
Not just a craving or an itch
Flesh wound but that won’t get me down, no
One bullet through the brain and I’ll be going under for you

I spy, I spy
Lock and load, deliver me from
Hell’s storm, he’s gone
Bitten, set aback you see
Cos everyone is coming for me
Corpses running wild and I see
Track Name: You're The Reason I Purrr (feat. Evan Lee)
Hold tight, just breathe that’s what they said to me
Relax, okay, is what you’re gonna be and
I smile; politely, you wont uncover my mask
I laugh, when they remind me
Of how fucking stupid you were

It’s fine, he’s just, another stupid guy but
You see, I dropped, my better life so he could
Live his, that’s just the thanks I get
No disturbance, I’m like a ghost now,
A distant memory but
You wait, cos I am coming, I won’t stop until I’m free

Run, run rabbit, from my gun
You’re stuck in chains and I’m the crazy one
With a hacksaw revenge is your flaw
You’re just so beautiful
Play your cards right
Your time is almost up
The clock is ticking, and you’re still locked up
Take my hand now; I’m watching you drown
You’re just so beautiful

You’re so fucking beautiful

He said I love you
I’m just a dumb whore
Like all the others that think it exists
Suck my dick bitch
Try being happy when life is malevolent
My trust is gone now, get close I’ll fall down
Watch me just push away.
Moving on now? Three months I’m dumbfound
Closed eyes I’m trying to forget

The thought of suffering’s the only thought I’ve got of you
Get on your knees and beg, an answer’s all I need from you
Just say you’re sorry, it’s a thread of what I want from you
But in my mind I’m sure that I would fucking die for you

I’ve been constantly misread, while you’ve been misled,
Every word you say reminds me of what I should have said.
And now I live with regret
But there’s no chance of me being spared
Track Name: Anarchy In Black
They will fall
Sacramento sleeps
A journey now prolonged until the next one strikes
Mother, Father, oh so help me god
The triggers left to pull and they’re not turning back

Well I don’t know what’s right or fair
There’s a monster in despair
Helpless, careless little you
Fight the madness, Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue

You’re just anarchy in black

Fight your troubles,
Leave those fears behind,
Remember baby it’s a bad day now
It’s not a bad life (not a bad life)
Hold your head high
For a while
Make these steps count forward
Cos there’s no spiraling down  

I can’t believe it
It’s like a light is shining through
And I’m getting through to you and
I can’t believe it
It’s like your mind is fully cleared and
You have nothing left to fear

Sing a song for
Your prosperity and
Shake this feeling
Because you’re worth more
Track Name: Corpse Bride
I can’t believe my eyes a right of passage un-proclaimed
Imagine this with all the flames

I sense a secret brewing my life is changing through it
A ring upon your finger
Too bad you’ve really screwed it
Up. In. Time. For. One. Last. Dance

You know, you know
That everything goes wrong in my life
Being undead never goes my way
Slit throat, goodbyes
Blue skin, a maggot’s breeding in my eye
Murdered, insane and here I lay
Woah oh oh oh

A dead bride

I can’t believe my eyes
This judgment hurts, along with shame
Imagine this with much less pain

I sense a secret brewing my life I changing through it
A ring upon your finger
Too bad you’ve really screwed it
Up. In. Time. For. One. Last. Dance